QUADKIDS training, and QUADKIDS competitions

QuadKids competitions promote competition in athletics clubs throughout England with inter- and intra-club competitions and athletic network leagues and events. Targeting under 9 and under 11 age groups this is a perfect stepping stone encompassing all the key aspects of athletics; endurance, speed, agility and strength.

Oxford City AC prepares its under 9 and under 11 athletes for these competitions, which require each athlete to complete a 75m sprint, a long jump, a vortex howler throw, and a 600m jog. Our athletes are then in a position to be able to compete for the club in the Oxfordshire Track and Field League, and the Wessex Young Athletes League, both of which have a Quadkids section. Our athletes are also encouraged to take part in our own Quadkids competitions, which we hold during the summer months.


There has been some debate recently at matches about the correct throwing style for the Vortex Howler. We have therefore consulted Scott Grace at England Athletics, who has replied with the following guidance, which we will implement at all future Quadkids competitions:

“To provide a level of consistency I would suggest that the throwing action should be a movement similar to the Javelin throwing action, in that the elbow (of the throwing arm) remains above shoulder height and the object travels over the bicep of the throwing arm. This is similar to the rules for Javelin and more importantly promotes a good throwing action. The Quadkids guidelines along with the competition format itself should be seen more as a development opportunity and with this in mind I would prefer to see young people not being penalised for incorrect throwing action, but instead encouraged to develop good form. I believe you are already familiar with the below Quadkids guidelines but just in case you haven’t seen them all: • The athlete can throw the Vortex Howler from a standing position or run up and throw it. • The athlete must throw the Vortex Howler over-arm in a ball throw/javelin action. • The athlete must not step onto or cross the marked throwing line. • Each athlete gets three consecutive throws. • The athlete’s foot must not touch or cross the marked throwing line nor can the Vortex Howler land outside the javelin sector or marked throwing area; if either of these things happen it is a ‘no throw ‘ and will not be measured

For more info click HERE for the quadkids website.

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