Virtual Track and Field Club Championships 2020

Published: 8 June 2020

A total of 26 competitors across all age groups took part in this inaugural event with some impressive results. The highest scores in each event are shown below for those who fancy seeing how they shape up against the club’s finest athletes.

Standing Long Jump    2.30m                         

Standing Triple Jump  7.14m

10 x10m Sprint      25.22 seconds

Two-footed Toilet Roll Jump   10 rolls

Chest Push     12.8m

Backwards Overhead Throw      20.25m

30 sec. Speed Bounce    98

Competition was very tight in each category, but age group winners were:

U9      Angelo Jones

U11    Joyce Ligeti-Pretorius

U13B  Ben Jackson

U13G   Florence Wootten

U15B   Jonathan Davies

U15G  Annie Jonkers

U17M  Scott Jones

U20W  Bea Wootten

Seniors   Amy Jackson              

Well done to everyone who took part. Prizes will be announced and despatched in the next few days.

Sam Jonkers june 8th 2020

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