Make sure you get selected for Oxford City this season

Published: 15 March 2017

The new track and field season is about to start. In a little under a month our juniors�will host the first match in the Oxfordshire Track and Field League at Horspath (details on the� page). Shortly after that our seniors�will make their bow in the new Southern Athletics League season, also at Horspath.

There is often a little bit of confusion about how athletes get selected for these matches, but the truth is it’s not that complicated. There are team managers who select teams for all League matches, and they are responsible for notifying athletes that they have been selected, and for making sure that athletes know which events they are doing and at what time. But athletes have to let the Team Managers know when they are available, and must communicate with Team Managers to make sure that everyone knows what is happening at each match. Team Managers are expected to select the best available athlete for an event, and they will often use Power of 10 rankings to help them. Other criteria also come into play, such as availability, previous appearances for the club, and whether parents also act as officials or coaches.

Team Managers are listed on the website (Contact Us). If you want to compete for your age group this year, contact the Team Manager and tell them when you are available and what events you want to do. And the Team Manager should contact you too. Some Team Managers are already in touch with their age group. Others are putting notices on the noticeboard at the club house.

The message is, if you want to compete, get in touch with your Team Manager:

Quadkids – Denise Shorter�(Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 13 Girls – Wendy Fowler�(Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 15 Girls – Katie Sutcliffe (Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 17 Girls – Katie Sutcliffe (Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 13�Boys� – Kerstie Judson (Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 15 Boys – Kerstie Judson (Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Under 17 Boys – Kerstie Judson (Oxfordshire League and Wessex League)

Senior Men – Vacant (Southern Athletics League)

Senior Women – Becky Hussey (Southern Athletics League)

Veteran Men� – John Exley (Veterans League)

Veteran Women – Jacqui Cherry (Veterans League)

Athletes are responsible for making their own arrangements for entering other competitions -�Quadkids matches, Sandra Luke, Midweek Open Meetings, County Championships, other Open Meetings).

Different arrangements apply to school meetings – speak to your school teachers about selection for schools teams.


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