Horspath Road Athletics Track, Horspath Road, Oxford, OX4 2RR.

Online entry for the 2020 season is now open.  To enter, go to the bottom of this page, or to our Fixtures page and find the event you want to enter – the entry form is at the bottom of the page. Entries will close 4 days before each competition, or earlier if 100 entries have been received. We will then put a complete list of entrants on the website and email you to remind you of the start time. Entry fees cannot be refunded in the event that participants do not take part.

This season’s dates are 3rd May, 21st June and 13th September.

Entry Conditions

Competitors can enter in either the under 9 and under 11 age groups. Competitors (boys and girls) will compete alongside one another, but winners and points scored are calculated by gender and age group. Entries accepted only on receipt of payment. The competitions have a maximum of 100 contestants, and the organisers will close each competition to new entries when that number has been reached.

Competition Rules

The competitions will start at 10:00 so please arrive in plenty of time to allow for registering and being allocated to the groups to enable the start Competitions will finish between 12:00 and 1:00 Certificates will be given out on the day. Medals will be awarded for top u9 and u11 boy and girl in each event as well as top 3 overall

Vortex Throw

There has been some debate recently at matches about the correct throwing style for the Vortex Howler. We have therefore consulted Scott Grace at England Athletics, who has replied with the following guidance, which we will implement at all future Quadkids competitions: To provide a level of consistency I would suggest that the throwing action should be a movement similar to the Javelin throwing action, in that the elbow (of the throwing arm) remains above shoulder height and the object travels over the bicep of the throwing arm. This is similar to the rules for Javelin and more importantly promotes a good throwing action. The Quadkids guidelines along with the competition format itself should be seem more as a development opportunity and with this in mind I would prefer to see young people not being penalised for incorrect throwing action, but instead encourage to develop good form. I believe you are already familiar with the below Quadkids guidelines but just in case you haven’t seen them all:  1. The athlete can throw the Vortex Howler from a standing position or run up and throw it. 2. The athlete must throw the Vortex Howler over-arm in a ball throw/javelin action. 3. The athlete must not step onto or cross the marked throwing line. 4. Each athlete gets three consecutive throws. 5. The athlete’s foot must not touch or cross the marked throwing line nor can the Vortex-Howler land outside the javelin sector or marked throwing area; if either of these things happen it is a ‘no throw ‘ and will not be measured


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