Volunteering at the Club on Match Days

Published: 20 April 2018

All members are asked to read the following letter, written by a parent who has been volunteering at the club for the past 10 years:

“Hi everyone,

This email is a personal request for help. We have lost a lot of volunteers over the past few years and not had many people come forward to offer help (thank you to those that have).

The club needs the support of both athletes and parents in order to run well.

Jobs that we need help with on match days in the club include :

  • Helping make lunches
  • Wiping down tables in the tea room
  • Restocking fridges when it is busy
  • Replacing toilet rolls when they run out
  • Emptying bins
  • There are lots of smaller jobs to do on the track as well – raking a sand pit, moving hurdles, picking up litter at the end of the match.

Helping on match days gives volunteers who are there all day a short break for lunch or just a cup of tea (last week we did 8 hours on our feet and only managed two 15 minutes breaks).

I started volunteering so that I could spend time with my husband and son but at the moment I don’t often get the chance because I never get a break. It is also a good way to make new friends.

If everyone gave 10/15 minuets for two or three matches, it would make a big difference. You don’t need any experience.

As a family we love being part of the club and have made some life-long friends, but there is always room for more helpers.

If you would like to help, please talk to Richard, Paula or any of the volunteers on match days or training nights. Don’t wait, just dive in and help!

Thank you

Diane Whiting”

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