Southern Athletics League – season review

Published: 14 September 2021

The SAL finished on a high note with a 2nd place finish in Bracknell on Saturday, and a very respectable 2nd or 3rd place in every match out of 5 teams in our group.  There was no jeopardy this year as teams were neither promoted or demoted, but we entered this season newly (from 2019) promoted and really looked like we deserved to be in that higher league, all of which bodes well for next season.

It was a SAL summer to be proud of, with so many standout performances from individuals and relay teams. To call out the highlights would inevitably miss out some of the best achievements – there are just far too many to mention.  The Powerof10 tells some of the story – excellence, times, distances, heights, PBs – but what is doesn’t convey is all the fun, or just how many times people stepped out of their comfort zone into a scoring role or unfamiliar event, or swapped with others, or ran that extra race to make up a relay team. Nor does the Powerof10 show the kindness, the support and encouragement given to each other, or the guidance to those new to competing – nor all the teasing and laughing or cheering of teammates – a very happy and kind team.

 Time for a well-earned rest, and then bring on 2022!

Katie Sutcliffe, Team Manager, September 13th 2021

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