OCAC Virtual Track and Field Champs 2020

Published: 24 May 2020

Virtual Track and Field Champs


We would like to invite all junior athletes to participate in a virtual track and field competition.

 Age groups: U11–U20

 Competition dates: 23rd May–6th June

Entry forms are not required, but results must be submitted by midnight on 6th June 2020.

 Admission: Free of charge.

 Scoring: Points will be awarded for each event completed and results achieved.

 Prizes: Prize winners in each age group will receive a Fit to Run voucher.

 Location: Whist you cannot come to the track you should be able to complete these athletic challenges in your garden, on your driveway or in a local park.

 You may complete the challenges either with family members or with one non-family member. Athletes must follow current government guidance regarding Covid-19 and observe social distancing.

Please send your best (highest, fastest, longest) scores plus some video evidence to your virtual team manager:

U9/U11s               Sam Jonkers:     sam@jonkers.co.uk

U13 Girls              Phil Gray:   phil.fairport@aol.com

U13 Boys                 Amy Jackson:   amyemjackson@googlemail.com

U15 Girls                   Debbi Carter:  debbi.carter@me.com

U15 Boys                  Popsie Wootten:   popsiew@aol.com

U17/U20 Men          Gareth Davies:  gareth.davies@poyry.com

U17/U20 Women       Katie Sutcliffe: katherine.stuart@zen.co.uk

Seniors –                     Richard Hart: richard@parkerhart.co.uk



  1. Standing Long Jump: A two-footed to two-footed jump. Start behind a line, measure to the back of the heel/body part nearest to the start line (i.e., if feet are separate, take the shortest distance).


  1. Standing Triple Jump: Start behind a line, hop (1 leg to same 1 leg), step (1 leg onto opposite 1 leg), jump (1 leg to 2 leg landing) and measure to the back of the heel/body part nearest to the start line (i.e., if feet are separate take the shortest distance). The hop, step, jump must be continuous with no extra steps or run ups.


  1. 10 m x 10 m Shuttle Run: Set two markers 10 m apart. Time how long it takes you to run 10 lengths. Complete as fast as you can. Foot must touch/pass the marker at each end.


  1. Toilet Roll Vertical Jump: A two-footed to two-footed jump. Stack your toilet rolls in front of you in a tower. Jump over the top of the tower. Start in a stationary two-footed stance and land on two feet. See how many rolls you can clear!


  1. Chest Push Throw: Use a standard size 4 or 5 football / netball. Complete a standing, two-handed throw from your chest and mark where it first hits the floor.


  1. Speed Bounce: Roll up a bath towel and place it on the floor. Stand with both feet to one side of the towel. Ask a friend/parent to time 30 seconds and see how many two-footed jumps over the towel you can complete. Take off and land on both feet.


  1. Backwards Overhead Heave Throw: Use a standard size 4 or 5 football. Complete a standing, two-handed throw. Start with ball between your legs and throw backwards over your head. Mark where it first hits the floor.




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