Good start for Oxford in Oxford Mail XC League

Published: 8 November 2019

Oxford got off to a good start in the first round Oxford Mail XC league match at Bicester Heritage Park. On a straightforward flat course but with soft conditions underfoot our runners performed well in all age groups.ย 

George Ramsay was first home for Oxford in 6th place in the under 9 boys race, followed in 25th by Ethan Franklin.ย  Sadly there were no under 9 girls running for Oxford in that race. In the under 11 girls race Oxford showed up strongly, with Ava de Jonge in 4th place, Ella Ramsay in 5th place and Romy Hunter in 6th place, separated by only 9 seconds. Phoebe Archibald came 14th and Sylvie Kentish 16th, Joyce Ligeti-Pretorius came in 25th and Madeleine Dunn in 44th place, with Helena Fleming in 49th.

For the under 11 boys Charlie Hunter was first home in 13th place, followed by Will Daniels in 22nd. Among the under 13 girls Payton Carter and Emily Channon were 6th and 7th, Dominique Dunn 19th, Florence Wootten, Remie Dorling-Mason and Kiera Williams 25th, 26th and 27th, Florence Salmon 31st, and Sienna Hardy 46th. Julian Laird won the under 13ย  boys race, with Monty Salmon 5th and Henry Myers 18th, Peter Goodrich Jones 19th, Euan Lewis 23rd, William Potts and Sebastian Gardner 29th and 30th, William Kelsey 32nd, Fred Daniels 34th, Ben Jackson 41st and Harry Cann 45th, giving Oxford the distinction of being the only club to have 4 complete teams finishing. In the under 15/17 girls race Clover de Jonge, Amy Shayler and Clemmie Boyd were 13th, 14th and 15th, Beth Hunter, Lily Brabbin and Hermione Brewster 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Ben Simms was 7th in the under 15/17 boys race, Ben Davies 14th, Henry Channon 17th, Drew Hogger 25th, Freddie Jones 27th, Jack Barrett 29th, Jonathan Davies 38th, Alexander Meredith 46th and Joshua Dixon 56th.ย 

In the senior men’s race Aaron Simpson was the first Oxford finisher in 24th, followed by Shun Watanabe in 37th, Heath Bampton in 54th, Adam Bayliss in 64th, Chris Prince 71st, Mark Tankard 78th, Seb Reynolds 86th, Thibby Mulot 123rd, John Exley 234th and Jon Marsden 268th. In the senior women’s race Jenny Hannah was 12th, Sarah Davies 17th, Jade Walker 54th, Popsie Wootten 117th, Amy Jackson 118th, Caroline Struthers 119th, Lisa Hogger 133rd and Elizabeth Orchard 170th. Full results can be found here:

Photo – the under 13 boys at the start (photo Mel Lewis)

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